Why Baby fitness is a great way to get your baby into a healthy lifestyle?

Baby Fitness is a great way to get your baby into a healthy lifestyle because it teaches them the importance of exercise and healthy eating. It also helps them develop motor skills and coordination.

Baby Fitness develops gross motor skills, which are the large muscle movements that help you move your body. These include walking, running, jumping, and climbing.

How often we should do walking, running, jumping, and climbing with a baby?

Baby fitness and healthy lifestyle

You should do all of those things as often as you can.

Children’s fitness is a great way to get kids active and healthy. It’s never too early to start. Here are the ages of children that can start doing aerobic exercise with a baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that exercise shouldn’t start before age 1. However, there are many paediatricians who recommend that babies and young children begin to exercise earlier.

Age is a big factor. To carry out strength training effectively, athletes must have correct form and be able to move the weight in a safe and efficient manner. Balance, control, posture, and coordination start to mature to adult levels by around 7 to 8 years of age. In the majority of cases, it would not be appropriate (or safe) to allow weight training before age 7.

Author Paul R. Stricker, MD, FAAP
Source Sports Success Rx! Your Child’s Prescription for the Best Experience (Copyright © 2006 American Academy of Pediatrics)


What type of exercise should be started when?

Start with short bursts of activity for a baby or a young child. Make sure to keep your child moving for at least 10 minutes, and don’t force them to move too much.

Each activity should be timed so your child knows when they are done. This will help them develop an exercise routine.

Do the activities outside, or in the fresh air. This helps to encourage them to move and get a good full-body exercise.

Baby Fitness – exercises to start with

Back to basics, squatting can help your baby to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. Put your child on his or her feet, and squat down to your child’s level. Try to keep your legs straight and the arms at your side the entire time.

When you are finished, come up slowly. Next, squat again, this time to your child’s level. Keep your legs straight and the arms at your side the entire time. When you are done, you can use your arms and legs as you would normally. Do this for 30 seconds twice a day.

Heel slides are great for building strength and strengthening the glutes.

Try to hold your baby with her arms and legs in front of you. Swing her legs up and down to help develop muscles in her legs. Mountain climbers: This is great for developing balance. Put your child on all fours on the ground.

Raise one hand above the child’s shoulder and bring the child into a “mountain climber” position. After you bring the child into a climbing position, allow her to reach her feet to the ground. Once the child’s feet are on the ground, hold onto her hands for support, and proceed to bring her back up to a sitting position.

Do this exercise for 30 seconds twice a day.