Can we do physical activity during pregnancy?

Women’s health and illness experience are different from male experience due to their unique biological, social and behavioral conditions.

In addition, women need health care more and have more access to health care than men.

Is physical activity bad during pregnancy?

Evidence continues to grow in support of the concept of physical activity during pregnancy, which is beneficial for foetal health and well – being, extending into childhood.

Baby fitness and mother and baby gymnastics

Mother and baby gymnastics

The benefits for progeny are perceptible in terms of weight and composition, cardiovascular health and nervous system development.

Women of different SES and BMI may adopt healthy lifestyles, which may have a positive effect on postnatal health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and CVD.

It is important to maintain your health and feed your foetus through a balanced nutritious diet during pregnancy!

Pregnancy exercises can trigger a prenatal programming effect, which creates a healthy environment in the uterus during a critical period of organ development.

But pregnancy and childbirth can also physically burden the female body, which can lead to life problems.

In view of the increase in newborn birth weight over generations, other factors related to female health differences may affect foetus growth, as evidenced by the weight of birth.

Two large – scale cohort studies suggest that birth weight is mainly determined by non – exercise variables such as maternal body composition, diet, uteroplacency flow, nutrient transfer, and foetal genetics, with minimal influence on mother movement.

Maintaining health is important to maximize your chances of conceiving and helping you to have a healthier pregnancy, but diet and physical activity alone can’t completely overcome the effects of ageing on the ovary.

Most women attend classes with the person who will provide support during childbirth, such as a spouse, sister or close friend.

Breastfeeding lessons give pregnant women and their partners the opportunity to prepare and ask before the baby arrives.

If you are interested in parental programs, ask your child’s physician for help in finding a classroom in your area. Get help for pregnant or parenting teens, including childcare and information on education.