The Best strength training during pregnancy

Can you do strength training during pregnancy?

Usually, strength training during pregnancy is possible without hesitation. But, everyone should clarify their individual situation with a doctor.

We want to show you what you need to look out for during training and the benefits you enjoy.

While weight training in pregnancy is still a contentious issue, it’s a matter of how you train. Wrong training can even be harmful. This article can help you make the right choice.

Benefits of strength training during pregnancy:

  • The solution of typical tension in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Facilitating the handling of the changed body center of gravity.
  • Facilitating the handling of increased body weight.
  • Increases physical well-being.
  • Can help build physical and psychological strength for childbirth.

Women undergoing long-term weight training have more active forms of growth hormone that reinforce the bone and muscle. That finding comes from a detailed study of different forms of growth hormone seen in young women who underwent different weight-training regimens.

The study, by researchers from several U.S. sites, was led by William J. Kraemer, PhD, of the University of Connecticut at Storrs.

“In their resistance training routines, women need heavy-loading cycle workouts as it helps build muscle and bone,” says Kraemer.

Don’t forget discuss this with your doctor!

Strength training exercises to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Popular abdominal exercises like “sit-ups”.
  • Abrupt and hasty movements.
  • High weights and joint stress training.
  • Wrong posture during training.
  • Neglect regular recovery.

Pregnant women should pay attention to this during strength training.

Pregnant women should think about what they want to train during strength training. We consider abdominal training to be difficult during pregnancy. In this regard, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

Abdominal exercises such as sit-ups are not suggested during pregnancy. We consider regular training of the back and pelvic floor to be much more sensible.

Due to the increasingly larger belly, these two parts of the body are under considerable strain. Healthy strength training can prevent possible discomfort. It is important that the strength training are carried out in the correct posture.

Abrupt and hasty movements must be avoided in any case.

Another tip is that women have to do fewer efforts during strength training and make more repetitions. Maximum strength weight should avoid pregnant women in any case.

After all, the focus is not on improving performance, but on health. Very important are the right breathing technique and regular breaks, which can be combined with fluid intake.

Excessive weight training is prohibited and can harm not only one himself and your child. In another side, strength training brings many advantages. Pregnant women should consider it.

How pregnant women can benefit from weight training

Strength training can help with pregnancy-typical tension and prevent pain. Not to mention boosting personal well-being.

There are many reasons that speak for sports during pregnancy. Strength training is no exception. It is without question recommended, despite certain limitations.

Great sports for more variety in training schedule

Strength training should best be combined in pregnant women with relaxation exercises, endurance sports are also a good option.

Two of the best sports for pregnant women are yoga and swimming. Together with strength training, you will stay fit even during pregnancy. The birth is likely to take place almost by itself.

Pregnancy strength training routine

At best, let’s create a professional training plan. This will get you most out of your workout without putting your health at risk. Other sports may also be available. You need to clarify this with your doctor.

The best formula: 30% strength training, 30% swimming, 30% yoga, 10% breaks. It should be trained three to four times a week. In the later pregnancy, it can be gradually slowed down.

Weight Training While Pregnant

Weight Training While Pregnant

Weight Training While Pregnant strength training (bodybuilding) examples for beginners:

  • Upper/Middle Back

Best Machines: Seated cable row, lat pulldown.

Pregnancy Benefit: As your breasts grow bigger, you round your shoulders. It helps to counteract the slump by strengthening the muscles between your shoulder blades.

  • Arms/ Shoulders

Best Machines: Biceps and triceps.

Pregnancy Benefit: strong arms. You’re going to be dragging a baby, a diaper bag, and visit grocery stores soon.

  • Chest

Best Machine: Seated chest-press.

Pregnancy Benefit: By working your pecs, it is important to create muscle balance in your upper body.

  • Lower Body

Best Machines: Leg extension and seated leg-curl.

Pregnancy Benefit: Your quadriceps and hamstrings bear the weight of your pregnancy as your belly grows.


If you stick to these pregnancy tips, not only will you have a good pregnancy figure, but you will also survive her pregnancy without complications.

We are in favor of strength training in pregnancy. There is no denying the benefits of such a thing. Training with swimming, yoga and other sports can achieve great results. It is important to train with a focus on health.

Excessive weight training is prohibited in pregnant women. Rest and relaxation breaks must be observed.